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We are your hydraulic repair experts! Delivery times & estimates for hydraulic repair

Downtime is very expensive. When your machinery is down, you are loosing money. We get your machinery back into production on your schedule, when you need it back. Don't let downtime cost you more than the repair project. Call us today for a free estimate on your machinery.

When machinery comes into our shop, we typically need 2 to 4 hours for an estimate. This includes tare down, visual inspection and parts list. If you've already disassembled the machinery or know what it wrong with it, you can contact us with the information and we can get you a price right over the phone. 

Chrome plating & stripping off the old chrome: Stripping off the old chrome is a slow process done in an acid bath. We typically don't have control over how long a strip might take, it depends on the thickness of the chrome and the base material. This usually takes one to three days. On an OD cylinder or ID open bore, we usually precision grind all of the plating off on rush jobs. This can be done in a few hours (depending on the size of your part).

When applying chrome plating it usually is .001 per hour. So if you need .030 buildup, plus grinding stock it can take 40+ hours for plating to be done.