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  • Floor Jacks​
  • Bottle Jacks
  • ​Telescopic Jacks
  • Low-Lift Jacks
  • ​Axle Jacks
  • Hydraulic Lifts

Our extensive repair process makes us confident enough in our repairs that we give 2 full years of warranty no questions asked! It's our responsibility to keep your hydraulic jacks up and running to their full capabilities.

Other types of equipment we service, 

Transmission Jack Repair service. Cheaper than buying new, and includes a 2-Year Warranty.


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24-Month Warranty on all transmission jack repairs!

  • Free pick-up and delivery within 250 miles of our shop
  • 2-year warranty on all repairs
  • Free estimates by phone
  • Full machine shop and chrome plating done in shop
  • 4-6 Day standard turnaround time
  • Open on weekends
  • Urgent repair service available

 If a customer was to come into your shop and tells you that their transmission is grinding, miss shifting, slipping etc. Would you just change the transmission fluid, not check for any more issues and just send them on their way? Of course not, they'll just be back in a couple of weeks or months needing a repair that is worst than before. 

Now, a lot of hydraulic shops in the area will just flush the hydraulic oil, reseal, and to them that is a repair. Well, it is in a way, sure it will work depending on the severity of the jack, but for how long? A couple of weeks, maybe? Do you really want one of your customers' transmissions on that jack and to risk it falling? Believe us, a lot of our customers have gone through this, and not only are you risking your customer's transmission but also severe injury to your employees or yourself. 

We have 25+ years of experience with hydraulics, we are capable of rebuilding any type of transmission jack no matter what is wrong with it. We have a complete machine shop under us with chrome plating to back us. Nothing is getting subbed out, everything is done in shop, and this guarantees your transmission jack will be better than new. 

We service these brands, but we are not limited to them,